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NOWAKOWSKI TRANSPORT Sp. z o.o. - transport chłodniczy

International transport

We specialize in international transport of groceries. Our clients are international concerns, commercial networks and also small and medium production and commercial enterprises.

For transport we use cars of checked brands that increase level of deliveries punctuality. From each cycle we make printout of temperature register. Means of transportation are subjects to deep cleanness control, they are regularly disinfected which increases level of food safety. We have got over 50 own cooling sets at our disposal.

We are a long-term partner of producers:

  • yogurts and other diary items
  • fresh and frozen cheeses
  • fresh and frozen fruit
  • fresh and frozen vegetables
  • frozen meat offals
  • articles requiring positive temperature of transport
  • fruit batches
  • “dry” groceries
  • medicaments
  • flowers
  • and other articles that are transported in controlled temperature

International shipping

Thanks to wide number of clients we have got many offers of free cooling loads in the following countries:

  • Poland
  • Belgium
  • Holland
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Austria
  • Czech Republic

Le direzioni preferite per il trasporto

Polonia, Gran Bretagna, Germania, Austria, Boemia, Slovacchia, Spagna, Portogallo, Belgio, Olanda, Italia

NOWAKOWSKI TRANSPORT Sp. z o.o. - transport chłodniczy

L’indirizzo dell’azienda:
Biała Parcela 5A
98-350 Biała
łódzkie, Polonia
Tel.+48 606 374 702
Tel.+48 606 374 702
Il fax+48 734 460 533

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