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Our partners in Poland

Poland-Transport would like to invite all internet thematic websites, as well as all other traditional media with a similar profile of activity, to enter partner exchange or cooperation in the group of our portals.

If you are interested in receiving more detailed information concerning the cooperation with all our Partners, please contact our office through the contact form available here.

All our partners are offered interesting possibilities of the mutual promotion of the conducted business activity on the Internet.

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Ż is a sailing portal full of information of the sailing Word. Apart from the news, you can find here such sections as: sailing exchange and cruises, also yacht charters, as well as theme catalogue of sailing. Soon, a new sailing shop. Companies connected with sailing are invited to co-operation. Ż means sailing of the Best quality!

WWW is the biggest educational and informative portal about Italy. Information straight from Italy, publications about Italy in Polish and Italian, tourism in Italy, holidays in Italy, handbooks, Italian language and a multitude of other information on Italy


PolandWitryna wiejska

The portal Witryna Wiejska is a part of the programme called “Active village, Building of information society e-VITA II”. The partners to the programme are a Polish-American Freedom Foundation and a Rural Development Foundation.


PolandWindykacja Sp. z o.o. z Kalisza

The profile of operation of the Windykacja Sp. z o.o. company from Kalisz includes, among other things, such areas as: collection of amounts due and debts, business intelligence, purchase of receivables, preventive actions. We provide comprehensive services to our Clients. We have our own lawyers’ services as well as highly specialized intervention teams operating in the field. We operate within the country.


Interesting polish portal dealing with ventilation branch. Services, producents, equipment and contractors, these are what you can find in ventilation service.


PolandWentylacja portal dedicated to subjects of ventilation, air-conditioning and cooling. In the service one can find many news from life of HVACR branch and directions of its development. It is the oldest and at the same time the biggest base of polish advertisements, press publications, selection programs and branch forum.


Service gathers companies offering machines, devices, forms to production plastics and also suppliers of services and producents of materials. If you need plastics visit this service!


PolandTrans Expert

The company Trans Expert was established with the co-operation of the Fundacja Akademia Transportu in order to facilitate the activities of Polish carriers on the current international transport marketplace. More and more often Polish carriers suffer serious consequences due to the lack of the working time account of the drivers or improper control thereof. It sometimes results out of many changes in the regulations, which are sometimes hard to follow. Thanks to one may acquire proper tools to check the working time account of the drivers and to find all the information required for the enterprise to function properly.


PolandŚwiat kamienia

The World of Masonry is the information service presenting the problems of domestic and foreign stonework market. It gives the possibility to exchange views and information about the events happening in different domains of the stonework enterprises activity, particularly including the employee education programs and trainees education as well as unions, associations and organizations functioning in the masonry branch.


In the catalogue you will find companies delivering machines and equipment to production foamed polystyrene and to its treatment, and also producents of foamed polystyrene. In foamed service you will also find companies engaged in building services in range of buildings heat insulation.


PolandSprzedaż – the service with job offers within the Sales business. Free advertising, filing applications without the necessity to register, only the best job offers. is a place where thoroughly selected specialists in Sales and the employers who offer the most promising positions have the chance to find their place. Why they? Because this service was developed with them in mind. Please visit

WWW portal was created for the people who connect their Professional life with the following industry: shipping and logistics. If you are interested in shipping and logistics sector, you can find here everything on the topic!



PolandSerwis o Metrze Warszawskim

The Portal devoted to the Warsaw Metro,, is the first Internet website of the kind. It was created in 2000 and at present it is the only such an extensive website, visited by so many people, devoted to the Warsaw Metro. One can find most up-to-date information, specialist articles, unique pictures and the forum for the underground lovers.


PolandSamochody Specjalne

Special Cars is an all-Poland monthly magazine presenting functional vehicles issues. It presents general situation and directions of the development of the national motor market. It is a source of knowledge about car shows and national and international events. On the website you will find out everything about lorries, special and specialised cars, semi-trailers and trailers of delivery tracks, buses and many many others.


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