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Transport in the definition in economics means realizing transport tasks for payment, which effect is to be transport of materials and people and providing accessory services, that are connected with the transport. Transport services and transport contribute to effective and efficient work of all branches of national industry. Together with social and economic growth of specified areas and countries transport states the cell that enhances economic development of the specific country. To the basic tasks of transport as the element creating the national income belong: shaping the spatial order in economy, realization of trading, influencing the dynamics of development of production of various transactions. Since every business is preceded by transport activity, e.g. Delivery of materials, raw materials and at the same time causing defined side effects, that is products or wastes removal, etc. Poland has got well developed transportation system, and transport has become one of the most important branches of polish economy. Polish transport companies are the one that besides their own transport within the country run mostly international transportation, especially transit towards south-north and east-west and opposite.

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